So, I have an Ibanez ART300 and am using D'Addario Lite (.10-.42) strings. I've always jst dropped my guitar off at the local music shop to have the strings replacd, intonation adjusted, and fretboard cleaned. But now I've moved into a rural area and have to do it all myself. So: when cutting off the excess string, what do I use? Wire cutters or what?
I use my teeth because I'm brootal but ya wire cutters work too.
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you could also use pliers, I have a pair of needlenose pliers that have a wirecutter than in near the hinge, I think most do.
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also, is it not a good idea to use the same set of strings for 6 months?
lol kidding, i know it isn't.
**** no! Don't listen to them, removing them with cutters etc. will most likely cause damage on your guitar.
You have to rub the string between your fingers until it breaks in two.
Not many people know this but this is actually what they do at the guitar centers.
Seriously people have got to stop using wire cutters! They're bad for the whole guitar!
EDIT: And the climate!!

okay seriously, im tired and bored, but wire cutters work just fine for that string-thing.
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I just unwind them! Seems less chance of wayward strings scratching the guitar.

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I just unwind them! Seems less chance of wayward strings scratching the guitar.


If you have a string through bridge you scratch the heck out of pulling the unwound part of the string back through, better to cut it (after loosening).
wire cutters. It's best to remove/replace 1 string at a time to maintain tension on the neck. FWIW I generally unwind each a turn or two before cutting so there's less tension on the string when I cut.
BTW, as far as I know your guitar should have 10 - 46, not even sure if a 10 - 42 set is out there, it's all 9 - 42.