Right, this guitar is kinda enigmatic to me. I can't seem to find any reviews on it whatsoever, nor have I seen it in stock at any guitar stores. However, this guitar seems to match pretty much all of my specifications for a new guitar: mahogany, 24 frets, no tremolo, passive pups (SD JB/'59 set), and looks fantastic, imo. Not to mention Musicians Friend just cut the price by $100, to $600.

I'm really tempted to get this, but the lack of being able to play it + the lack of any reviews is making me hesitate. I do like Schecters, though. Does anyone own one, or has anyone played one? Thoughts? Guitars in the same price range/with same specs that have credibility?

well i imagine the weight, feel of the neck, etc. is really similar to the c-1 classic on its way to me from ebay, and also similar to the c-1+ that i played in my store last week. i have one guitar with a painted neck (AX350) and i really dont mind it. also, the neck on this c-1+ wasn't as thick as the tree trunks on the cheaper damien series ive tried. in fact it was about like the AX which to me is PERFECT.

i like how the c-1 artist's volume knob isnt right below the bridge pup so it will be out of the way (at least for me). the JB/59 is a great combination. i dont own a guitar with those but the other guitarist in my band does. too bad the owner of my c-1 classic replaced the passives with mustain live wires so ill have to buy some replacements

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