I ONLY ACCEPT CASH, MONEY ORDERS, OR TRADES AS METHODS OF PAYMENT. Sorry, no Paypal. I have close to 100 positive sales and trades on Harmony Central, The Gear Page, and Geekchat under the username ck3 and can provide references.

Prices for all items are FIRM and include shipping and insurance for destinations in the continental US. A 10% discount will be applied if multiple items are purchased.

Palmer PDI-09 "The Junction" DI/speaker simulator $148
-I am the original owner
-Near mint condition
-Includes original box and manual
-Passive design that requires no power
-Three EQ contours and attenuation levels
-Ground lift switch
-Great alternative to the digital speaker simulation in amp modelers
-Does not have a load simulator (by design), so you would still need an external speaker with an amplifier

Source Audio Soundblox Phaser, Wireless Hothand Controller, and Adapter $180
-I was planning to sell this as a bundle, but may end up keeping the phaser
-~$100 less than buying everything new
-Includes original box, pedal, wireless expression controller, charger, receiver, and Danelectro adapter
-Fabulous condition and fully functional
-Extremely versatile digital phaser with a surprisingly lush sound

Wobo Double Looper with Invert Switch $95
-Near mint condition
-100% functional
-Can be used as a conventional TB Looper, AB box, or AB/Y box
-Invert feature provides additional switching options

Ronsound Ring-O-Matic $69
-Minor cosmetic wear
-Fully functional
-True bypass switching
-Blend control
-Operates on battery (half-dead one included) or individual 9V DC adapter (not included)
-Can transform "normal" gain sources into searing or musical octave fuzz when cascaded
-Provides pseudo-ring-mod-type effects when used without other dirt

"Vintage" Electro~Harmonix Deluxe electric Mistress $90
-Minor cosmetic wear
-Fully functional
-Includes original wooden box, schematic, and other paperwork
-Has an attached 3 prong power cord
-Standard flanging and filter matrix modes
-Pure analog mojo
More items:

TC Electronic Nova Delay $165
-Great cosmetic condition
-No box/manual
-Includes original adapter
-100% functional
-Tap tempo
-Stereo ins/outs
-6 kinds of delay
-Modulation and/or analog tonal characteristics can be added to all delay types
-Stores 10 presets (including manual mode)
-Displays delay time in BPM or ms
-Can be easily calibrated for instrument or line level applications

Super Junky Recording Bundle $150
-Includes a Behringer V-Amp Pro, Behringer UB802 Mixer, Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface, Behringer V-Amp2 carrying bag, AKG K-220M headphones with a 1/8-1/4" adapter, and all cables required for connecting the Vamp and USB interface to the mixer and computer for monitoring and recording (XLR to 1/4" cables not included).
-The V-Amp Pro was purchased new a couple of months ago, is in great condition, and includes its original box, power cable, and paperwork
-The UB802 mixer was damaged by a power surge, but still works as a recording preamp and monitoring system if the output levels are adjusted correctly
-The AKG headphones are cosmetically rough but function fine
-The Behringer USB audio interface is also in rough cosmetic condition and works as it should
-This package deal includes almost everything you'll need to quietly record and monitor guitar tracks (just add the software of your choice)

Digitech Digiverb $58
-Excellent condition
-Does not include box or paperwork
-100% functional
-Original LED has been replaced with a super-bright blue one
-7 different reverb modes, including gated and reverse for Shoegazey textures
Updates (because I am unable to edit my original posts for some reason ):

-Trade pending for the Super Junky Recording Bundle
-Ronsound Ring Dinger is Sold
-TC Electtronic Nova Delay and EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress are on hold.

1) The Palmer Speaker Simulator, Source Audio Phaser Bundle, Wobo Looper, and Digiverb are still available. All other items have been sold or traded.

2) I found the Box and Manual for the Digiverb, and they will be included with the pedal.