Hey guys,

I decided to cover this great blues instrumental from Brian Kahanek. I made a few tiny mistakes here and there but whatever, tell me what you think.


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Nice dude... better recording will do the justice... no comment on ur playing cos Im suck..

I love that song.... never heard of it before.... and I think what u did impressed me and makes me want to hear the original guitarist play it....

Typing as I listen: Sounds good so far, I really like the main theme. Tone sounds good, despite the recording quality. You have a nice feel, but I think you could benefit from using a more aggressive pick attack on certain notes, but maybe that's just me and the way I play. I like to go overboard with dynamics when I play single note lines. Everything sounds nice and clean so far. Is it improvised, or are you copying the solo note for note? Oh, nice shred run.

Good stuff, man!
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