The "Hour Collaboration" idea kind of failed, seeing as everybody is taking forever with their parts, so I decided to start a new collab, with set rules.

Rule 1: If you want to be next, whether or not someone is currently working on an addition, claim in with a post. Once your part is done, edit your post instead of posting a new one.

Rule 2: You can claim "after him"; for example, if User01 is currently working on a part, and User02 claims next, User03 can say "next", or "after User02", they have claimed the spot after that person; this is allowed.

Rule 3: If the person does not post their new addition within two hours of when the last person updated edited their post to add their part*, their spot is lost; now, anyone can take their spot as their own.

Rule 4: Mark where your part begins with a marker including your name, and anything you feel should be included.

Rule 5: You are allowed to add tracks, just please, be reasonable. For example, there are three guitar tracks; if you want to add synth, and you'll only be using two guitars, maybe use the mixing table to switch the third guitar to synth. Of course, if you need more tracks, or you need tracks in different tunings, feel free to add them.

*Of course, if someone posts claiming a spot, and the last edit was three hours ago, their spot is not lost; you base the two-hour limit off of their post.

If you have any problems, concerns, suggestions, or amendments to these rules, please let me know.

So, let the collab..........




(My starting file kind of sucks, if the first person wants to, they can delete mine, and have theirs be the first part of the collab)
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Claiming next, this should be interesting =)

Here ya go, sorry if it's not up to standard, it's not 100% my style and I'm not great with Guitar Pro =P

Also, I hope it's not against the rules to re-use a riff from previous peoples work, I just thought it would help to make it flow a bit better to re-use the starting riff at that part.
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Claimed; I like what I've heard so far.

Edit: Done; as I always do in collabs, I decided to completely change up the direction it was going in.

By the way, the file is now big enough that we all have to use zips.
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It says the file is invalid or corrupted. I think something has to be wrong, because if you look, my upload size was 11.8KB, and yours was only 9.3KB; if the project is longer, the file should be bigger.
Done, try again... the zip is still smaller for some reason :/
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Quote by frusciante.ve
Done, try again... the zip is still smaller for some reason :/
I figured it out; it's because you're using MIDI, while my upload was in RSE.... at least, that's my guess.
two year bump, who do you think you are?
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To be fair, it's actually a year-and-two-months bump
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