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If anyone else out there uses a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion pedal, could you tell me if you've had a problem with it eating the battery's power within 2 days? And, if you ever fixed it, could you tell me how you did so? I'm tired of wasting money on 9 volts for this.

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un plug it from your amp and guitar
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You should only need to unplug the input jack on the pedal for it to stop using the battery to power the buffer circuit.
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Looks like it's time to get a 9v adapter. Much cheaper in the long run.
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buy a power adapter/ buy a power brick and make a simple pedalboard for all your pedals

really, batteries suck. Unreliable and expensive in the longterm.

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Any Boss retailer? They're not expensive if you start adding up the cost of constantly replacing 9v batteries.
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Get the adapter. I got tired of replacing batteries real fast. Cost maybe $20?

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