so right now i got a 59 and a jb, and i don't really like the combination. basically i want a bit warmer neck pickup, the jb is pretty good tho.
I really like the dimarzio site in that they tell all the treb, mid, bass qualities, as well as the output of the pickup. so basically if someone could compare these 2 SD pups to the dimarzio website qualitative numbers that'd be great.

However, if you can't make such an estimate, what im looking for is something warmer than 59, but similar to jb. Was thinking air norton or JP's neck with steve's special or something.

Hmmm... I dunno much about DiMarzio pickups but you could try out a SD Pearly Gates if you aren't liking the '59. It's got a little more bite and it designed from a Les Paul owned by Billy Gibbons I believe?
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I have a DiMarzio PAF (DP103) and I think it's the best neck humbucker I've ever used. Look into it if you want a warm sounding neck pickup.
from Dimarzio i've had (in length of time owned and played):

Tone Zone
Air Norton

i started with the TZ in the bridge and i though it was brilliant... compared to the emg-hz it was replacing
then upon suggestion from elder wize-ones on UG-GB&C tried first the AN, then the Pafpro and the later was only slightly less muddy than the former.
so i looked on dimarzio.com, and selected from their tone-chart a very trebbly-balanced PU, and that was the S2.
the S2 was DREAMY with a 1-meg vol pot. instead of a 500k standard.

anyway, for some reason i decide to completely switch pickups and after hours of reading reviews and blogs and threads i went with...

and this is what i have, based on literally HOURS of reading:


i do all my own work so when i plugged in i nearly fell over. i had no idea how lifeless the TZ was compared to the GLSD
and the FS is articulate, defined. certainly no mud anywhere

for my next project... Project 3 in my sig, i'm going with the Super-2 in the bridge, and and screamin demon in the neck.

i figure i'll be sleaze-bay'ing the EMG 81-85 set that's coming in "Project 2" in my sig. and get a passive set. maybe go custom/boutique winder. maybe WolfteTone? I can't see spending as much as WCR pickups cost.
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