Here's an instrumental track i've been making. Drums done with beatcraft, synth with mixcraft. It's on my profile.

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Listening as I write. Very dreamy, like this kind of music a lot. Good guitar sound, but could a perhaps been a bit "bigger"; more layers of guitar, more stereorized, more reverb. I think the hi-hat kind of kills the song though. It's way too sharp, kills off the stoner vibe and floatyness. Should perhaps be halftime instead, as in not 2/4, but 4/4. Not sure about the change at 2:45, but I suppose that depends on what you wanted to do with the song.

In my opinion, get rid of the sudden change in the middle of the song, keep what you started with, and just make it build up more and more. Not saying you should stick to a songwriting recepie, but stoner metal is supposed to be somewhat ... Well, I know the word has bad associations, but "repetitive". It's supposed to send you into trance, and the opening of the song really had that potential in my opinion.
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