Recently I went from .09s to .10s on my Strat, and immediately I noticed my action go up, and my tremelo bridge rise considerably. I didnt think much of it, and it didnt seem to affect my playing considerably so I kept it. So apparently Ive been playing it clean for a week, and today I tried some heavy distortion, and its a really broken up and trebly tone. My amp has been back and forth between my school, but I dont think that the EQ or anything has been changed. The only thing I can think of is that my strings being raised up from my pickups has done this. Is this what it is?

Also off topic, but I thought Id throw this in there. My pickup selector seems to click a bit between the 2 and 3rd position. Is this an issue I can fix with oil or something?

Fix the tremolo? It might have something to do with it.
Add a spring in the back.
Shouldn't need to add a spring, you can just tighten the ones in the back. You need to get the bridge parallel to the body. Consider looking at your truss rod and changing the action on your bridge. None of that should have a HUGE impact on your amp sound though, so I would look into finding new amp settings, I guess.

As for the clicking, try getting some compressed air and spraying off your electronics, but chances are it will need resoldered or replaced or something, that area isn't really my specialty.

EDIT: Changing the pickup distance really affects the volume more than anything, so again, I doubt this is responsible for your new tone. You should know how to get a good tone on your amp, instead of relying on never ever bumping the knobs, because they are going to get bumped..
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Yeah, I might tighten the springs, (or just go back to my precious Super Slinkies :P) because the bridge is definitely not parallel to the body. I think it could be partially volume in some way, maybe compensating for the loss in volume is doing this? I dont know. Im decent at finding and remembering the settings I like, I just plugged in today, played on my neck pickup, and was surprised because it sounded like it was the bridge pickup. Hopefully this will fix it for me. Thanks for the help.
The slightly heavier strings will give a stronger (read: louder) response on the high strings than those .09s you used to have. That may account for the increased treble that you are experiencing. You are hearing the high strings louder and clearer than before. Adjust your EQ accordingly.

Even a minute increase like .09s to .10s can call for adding another spring to your tremolo in order to keep it adjusted properly. Try an extra spring and see how it does.