Having second thoughts about buying an epi valve jr.. Are there any other cheap (250 usd and under) amps out there that take pedals well? (EHX Metal muff is the pedal.) I play heavier metal and blues influenced rock.
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Blackheart Little Giant?
I love mine with a passion.
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If you don't mind sticking to solid state, Vox Pathfinder would do well. Most of the 5-watt tube amps you can get at that price range have no headroom so weak cleans. That generally doesnt work well with pedals.
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just looked at the pathfinder. getting close to what im looking for... considering this
Digital Distribution sucks.
Looked at the price of that pathfinder and shit myself. /thread
Digital Distribution sucks.
You can get a Valvetronix VT15 for $199 and if you get it before 12/31/09 there’s a $50 rebate at Vox.com. Takes pedals just fine on the clean models and can do brutal distortion on its own.
Valve JR
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Whats wrong with the valve junior?!
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Blackheart little giant
Bugear v5

The Blackheart is good, and takes pedals well. Definitely more of a blues/rock amp, but with the metal muff you should be able to get into metal territory easily.
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Stay with the Valve Junior.
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Bugera v5 definitely.


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Go ahead... Settle for the Pathfinder. We'll be here waiting for your 'What amp should I buy' thread in a couple months.
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