my beloved camera...

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$h!t the bed, so i have to photogrph with my compu-cam

so this is what i bought for 250

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now, you might (Invalid img)

and you wonder why i post this in GB&C? because this is what i'm gonna do with it...

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and i've already fncked it up ... me =>
you see the "smiley-face" on the lower cut-away? well, its "mouth" is missing a chunk of flame-veneer
i went TOO ape-$h!t with the pick-axe a little too soon, and a little too fast. hence:

the mega-splotch near the vol/tone knobs
i actually peeled back a layer of wood along with the finish
like when you don't hard-boil an egg for long enough. and some of the meat inside the shell peels away

so, if this is an insurmountable set-back, i will turn this project into an off-set sunburst of some tint or other.
or maybe do a quilt-style dye job. or a "tie-dye"-style stain job
Quote by MetalGuitarest
250... and you did that... *slaps*.lol are those emgs?

yes... and no
emg-hz passive

i'm putting in a DMZ Super-2 in the bridge, and i have a bid on a SD Screamin' Demon for the neck position

oh, and if you didn't know, i won "Jackson Project 2" in my sig for 450
and i'm gonna do the same thing to it as i did in my "Original Jackson Project"
got a little too over-zealous with the razor blade-method and took out a chunk

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gonna laminate a piece of scrap veneer over. then sand back to level

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i was using a metal scraper to scrape off the poly finish, and after a while i realized that my thumb was running blood from so much pressure on the scrapper's edge. you can't see it, but there's blood droplets all over the back of the guitar

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i seem to have peeled away a micro-layer of veneer. don't know what i'm gonna do about this one. maybe try to patch it like with the lower horn, above? i don't know.
would love suggestion.
i'm also going out to get wood bleach, and acetone for the poly finish

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