Can somebody please tell me some of the tone comparisons between different pick materials.

I've played with a harder stone (I think Tiger's Eye) and It's exceptionally warm
Shitty PVC and it sounds awful
Softer plastic, Like dunlop gator grips (pretty warm)
Whatever you call a dunlop ultex, (kind of bright)

That's all I've used.. But I was looking at some other stuff, so can somebody please explain the characteristics of some of these other pick materials, and compare them to something, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Cow Hoof
Cow Bone
Water Buffalo Horn
The material in Red Bear picks
Some other random plastic's preferably warm ones.

Thanks a ton
Ultex picks are made with ultex.
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The harder the material, the sharper / more shrill the tone will be. Harder picks will also contribute to pick noise. All of those natural materials are going to be as hard or harder than any plastic picks. Hard materials don't flex, so they make playing very fast runs a lot easier. The picks made of rock (and some of the fat plastic ones like the Dunlop Big Stubbys) are often beveled in such a way that they don't hang up on the string, which makes it easier to pick fast runs.

I can't say that any pick has a "warm" sound. A thin plastic pick contributes the least to the tone, and is the easiest one to use for strumming, so perhaps that would qualify as a "warm sounding" pick.
I don't know, my friends is hard stone and has a very smooth sound, and it's way less scratchy than any plastic one I've played with