would this be a acceptable enough bandsaw to make guitars with??


how about this router?


sander suggestions??
and any other tools i might need please list wat they r and a approximate price... thanks all!!
Always buy the most expensive tools you can afford.

There's really not enough info on the bandsaw to tell whether its good or not, but judging by the price and overall look of the bandsaw, it's definitely not the best that you can buy. If all you want it for is cutting out bodies and necks I'd recommend just getting a Jigsaw. Much cheaper and sometimes easier depending on the bandsaw to cut wood. I have an old 1/2 HP bandsaw and I usually use my jigsaw since the bandsaw is underpowered and keeps bogging down. The tool you use to cut something out doesn't matter, since you can always route and sand to final shape. My jigsaw costed only around 50 or so dollars and it does me fine.

The router I'm not to sure about, but it looks pretty good.
No dont waste your money on those cheap bandsaws. You gotta spend 200$ or more to get even a decent bandsaw. I had one of those cheap tabletop saws years ago. Between the blade jumping off track constantly, breaking blades, the fact no matter how carefully you adjusted things it just couldnt seem to cut a straight line. And a little saw like linked is going to be underpowered for cutting the thick wood used in guitar bodies.

As said a good sabresaw would work better. A GOOD sabre saw will be less money than a cheap bandsaw. Cut a little outside the lines and shape it with sanding drums in a hand drill or drill press. Its what I did for a while. I have a bandsaw but its a bigger more expensive unit.

The router looks decent.