I'm trying to remember the name of a scale/style of playing,
but for some damn reason I can't remember the name!

It's mostly used in Death, and Black Metal.

It's, "the most brutal", style,
has a Middle Eastern-esque sound,
and I THINK, it starts with a "B".

Please Kind Bretheren of UG,
help me before my mind explodes!

Other 'brutal scales': Phrygian Dominant, Hungarian Minor, Diminished
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If I had to guess I would say the Byzantine Scale. It's Eastern and pretty dissonant, but rarely used. I think Dio used it in some song and Malmsteen might have a couple times.
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Yeah, Byzantine, or Double Harmonic.

1 b2 3 4 5 b6 7 I think. Just sharpen the seventh of Phyrigian Dominant (fifth mode of Harmonic Minor Scale)
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Other 'brutal scales': Phrygian Dominant, Hungarian Minor, Diminished

Thank You!
It was Diminished.

I don't know why I kept thinking B though, lol

I was explaining my playing style to a friend
and I couldn't remember Diminished, whatsof***ingever

Yeah I've used the Byzantine scale for awhile but never knew the actual name for it so I called it the Phrygian Major scale. Now I can communicate my love for it to others.