wakyer the make better

i play anything from mellow pop
to hard blues rock
and da bruutals

under 230 squid cheers
used schecter with coil tap? My Schecter S-1 Elite is pretty nice and coil tap allows me to split my humbuckers into single coils, allowing for a broad array of sound for the price of only one guitar. It was a good deal more than 230 pounds, but a used Schecter S-1 or any of their other lines might be an option with the coil tap feature allowing you to go from bright pop to pounding thrash metal. My .02
yeah ive been looking at schecter coil tapping is awesome
when you need that single coil sound for teh jangles lol

i would actualy use a hello kity squire and put a bare knuckle nail bombs in it sounds like a beast