Hey i just got my Rocktron Banshee talkbox on my birthday and its the coolest thing ever to me haha but im having some trouble getting clean tones out of it that are clear. If i turn the gain all the way down its sorta clean but its extremely quiet even if i turn the volume up all the way on it. Ive only used it for home use so far so i havent really connected up a microphone for it yet because theres really no need to for me at this time. Im trying to get that clear voice tone that Peter Frampton gets on Do You Feel Like We Do. The gain knob is extremely sensitive. The tone is clean but it sounds like it sorta has a very light distortion. Is this just the way it is? Would the sound be cleaner if I hook up a microphone? Will i ever be as good as Peter Frampton?!?!?!

Thanks for your help.
Hi there, if you still have it and need clean sound, it's easy:

1. Remove D3 and D4 (scheme here: http://www.epanorama.net/sff/Audio/Musical/Products/Rocktron%20Banshee%20Amplified%20Talkbox.GIF).
2. Replace R5 with a 10K resistor.
3. Put an additional pot in series to R5. I took B100k, and it works OK. Thus you can control clean volume separately.

You can also put the mod on a 2pdt switch.
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