I play classic rock to hard rock (David Bowie, the Who, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam). I've played the BA115 and it sound pretty good. I've tried the Accoustic B200, but I wasn't really impressed. Same with the Fender Rumble Series. I havn't played the Ashdown, but does it bee the BA115 overall?
Mmm i havent played on that Ashdown before. I havent played on to many ashdowns but from i have played on there pretty good quality. The BA115 isnt up to ampeg standards but none the less is a decent amp. I have the Ampeg BA115. It might not be the best for your money but its not bad. Ill sell you it if you would want to buy it lol, im looking to buy something with more power.
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Ampeg makes good amps, but to my knowledge the BA115 is not one of their best amps. Ashdown however makes a pretty decent amp for the price ranges they're in, I'd go with the Ashdown. Read reviews on different websites like Musicians Friend and Harmony Central to help decide which you like best.
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