Jackson Dinky. Good guitar, especially for the hard rock/punk/metal scenes.
Although this one could need some replacements: the floyd looks a bit old fashion and rickety, check the inside of the guitar case; i would think the floyd is or could be damaged easily because of that ripped spot when taking it to e.g. gigs and stuff.
The pickups and humbuckers look rusty, which could result in a rusty cracking sound.
You could replace them with a few new duncans or something like that
I'm not really sure if its a good idea to purchase this seeing the replacements could cost more then the guitar itself, heres the jackson site with all their Dinkys: http://www.jacksonguitars.com/products/products.php?group=Dinky-Body&page=1
You can also customise other parts if you want to

Good luck!
No idea mate but I found it funny to know that Jackson had 5 pickups. Anyway on to some serious stuff the control layout reminds me of the Fusion guitars but that seemed like a red herring anyway. The best that I could find was this http://adamhooton.com/?page_id=15 just scroll a bit down and you'll see another guitar that is similar unfortunately I can't find specs and shit on it so sorry to be of not much help.

edit: Yeah it's just a Jackson Professional Standard model http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Jackson/Professional+Standard/10/1 specs and 3 half hearted reviews are there.
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