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I'm not too sure if this thread already exists somewhere but if it does just lock it or delete it.

But what kind of phase in guitars have you gone through or going through?

For me I was going through a Les Paul phase for me but now I'm getting into shredder guitars again, my Ibanez is my only link, neck is great but I don't like the sound.
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my #1 will always be a LP Custom. no matter what mood im in.
but im craving a custom V, a road series strat, a 72 tele, and an explorer
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Me I seem to go through phases of GAS and the phases of Modding. currently I'm in a modding phase and have some parts on order and looking at ordering some others for projects to mod.

as it sits my current mod projects include getting to know my ValveKing better with new tubes and maybe some other mods I've been made aware of from that VK thread.

My Paul Gilbert mock up of sorts. I have a Dean Vedette that I will throw a Tone Zone and Paf Pro in to make a Gilbert type setup which should be interesting going to wire that one myself I figure.

The Trem swap on my Jackson SL-2 I have the current LFR jackson trem in it that I will swap a Gotoh LFR into it.

After these projects I'll probably be satisfied till GAS hits me again and we'll see maybe I'll get a Tele and who knows what else.
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I'd love to have a shitload of guitars, but I think the only ones I'd really use (on stage, studio, etc.) would be Strats and Teles. I just love the Tele bridge pick-up sound, or a Strats single coil middle setting. The rest I'd just mess around with, though lately ES-335s have been catching my eye.
At first I thought I wanted a dean MLX but my parents convinced me that they should buy me an Epiphone Les Paul instead and, damn, did they make the right choice.

Edit: I guess part of it is that I changed directions musically as well. Now I'm a sucker for Les Pauls, although I don't plan on buying a new guitar any time soon.
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i had a metal phase in which i had an epiphone goth explorer with a licensed floyd and emgs..... that thing hauled some serious ass

but than i started growing up and i wasnt really pist off at the world as much anymore... but I kick myself in the ass everyday for selling it.

i than had a les paul phase, i had an epiphone lp standard for a couple days, i didnt like it so i returned it and forked out the extra cash for the LP custom, but i sold THAT to get my first real rig (ValveState-100 Halfstack ) because a buddy of mine had this gibson lp studio he never used so i was able to borrow that for a few months until i was able to afford my own. I ended up buying a 1993 studio just like his, but mine was definitely a piece of work, the intonation could never be proper because of all the fretwear. and the notes always came out sour so i sold that bitch. The day of i went to go pick up my lovely american standard strat

so now im in strat mode.... but this ones never going anywhere. i will own another LP one day, along with another Explorer, and a 72 Tele Deluxe, and a Gibson ES-135, i would also like a telecaster with a mini humbucker in the neck... those are sweeeet <3
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Right now I crave more metal type guitars, such as Jackson, mainly their King Vs and Kellys
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I love Strats shapes, always will...but I moved onto Super-Strat and don't like the normal ones as much. Before I used to think humbuckers were pointless when I first started playing as dumb as that sounds. Now I can't imagine not having a humbucker in the bridge position. I picked up a Classic Vibe Squire (yea I know its a Squire but still) recently and said damn these pups are weak...I've been spoiled
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I go through different phases where i like a certain type of guitar better than anything else for a while, and it causes serious GAS, and i often find myself saving up forever to buy a new guitar that matches a new phase i haven't gone through yet, by the time i've bought the guitar my preference has moved on, but i don't sell it because it may just come in handy should i go through that phase again.

Mostly my preference swings between full bodied, gibson style tones, or sharp twangy fender style tones. I could honestly sit here for hours, maybe even days, explaining myself...
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
I've been going through an Explorer phase ever since I saw one. It probably won't end until I actually go out and get one.

Oh, and I've got a bit of a quilt maple phase right now.
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Current phase - PRS Singlecut Trem, Custom 22 w/trem, Caparison Angelus TR. It's been going on for a few months now
gosh, for me les pauls all the way. I'm dying to have a lp custom, lp gt in daytona blue, and a joe bonamassa gold top. the only other guitar i would like besides a les paul would be a prs mark tremonti model, mainly because God himself sent that to earth...but thats debatable
I used to like shred guitars like ESP strat-shaped 24-fretters, etc., but then I bought the 2008 Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival DVD and I knew right then that ... STRAT is WHERE IT'S AT.
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i have been playing my esp for quite some time now......none of my other guitars can beat it right now
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Never had a guitar phase. I've always been drawn to Vs though. Gibson and Jackson Vs have always been guitars that just make me wanna grab them and play. I had a cheaper Jackson rhoades model that was fun to play but the neck was too thin. Now that I finally have a Gibson V I'm beyond happy. Necks thin enough for it to be a shredder guitar but thick enough that it's still comfortable to play.
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My phases:

-began playing-
Wants electric guitar
-bought cheap electric guitar and amplifier-
Wants good electric guitar and amplifier
-6 years later I buy a Schecter C-1 classic-
-3 days later I sell Schecter C-1 classic-

No longer wants good electric guitar
Currently wants a tube amp, but is uncertain about whether or not to buy it.
I only ever had 1 phase - the Les Paul phase. When I first started out I wanted one because Alex Lifeson used to use Goldtops (he still might be using them) and I thought that was awesome. So my very first paycheck from my first job I bought a midrange epi arctic blue LP, it was nice, but I ended up selling it, I realized I'm not keen on fat necks of the LP.
I go for whatever stands out to me as superior. Like I play blues and acid rock, and I own a single-pickup Ibanez Prestige. As opposed to moping about for buying a guitar with such limitations, I adapted it to become a slide guitar, and I couldn't be happier. I don't have phases so much as I just look for anything that I can tinker with to make it useful. I'm like EVH without all the arrogance and mad shred skills
Went from

Any sort of V
Schecter and Ibanez.

Can't really decide between the two.
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Went from

Any sort of V
Schecter and Ibanez.

Can't really decide between the two.

Flip a coin?
I use to only play guitars that had a "wtf!?" factor as I called it, so I would play weird looking things, or ones with cool paint jobs.

Now I'm currently going through a Single Cut and Goldtop phase.
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Started in a super Strat phase then went into a Randy Rhoads phase and have just been pushed out of a Gibson/LP phase into a Strat phase courtesy of Eric Johnson. Probably gonna end up buying a highway one strat in the next little bit and drop a Hot Rails in the bridge.
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Would like a USA LP some day.
With Guitars, I never seem to be able to makup my mind for example, I really wanted a les paul but I tried an SG and loved it far more. Then I went through an Ibanez stage, and now I'm looking at jackason and 7 stringers in particular.

Playing style sort of shifts with what mood for example, I started off punky, went to hard rock, metal, punk, metal, Clean, metal, hard rock, Metal and now I'm back at hard Rock. But I expect within the next week or so to gravatate back to metal
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A year ago I wanted a Mosrite guitar badly (I was a big B-52's fan) But since my music taste has changed a bit I don't want one so much. I would still like to have one particular model that's a Les Paul copy but those ones are rare so it'll have to wait.

This year I got into guitar repair and modification so I want to buy a lot of cheap guitars to practice on. I'll spare you the details but I'm going to start looking for a lot of cheap First Acts locally. Why First Acts? #1, They're cheap. #2, At least the necks aren't made out of a soft wood like my LP copy is. #3, They should be plentiful.

I wonder what I'll be into in the future? Building my own guitars does come to mind.
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I got my strat and loved it. but felt like i wanted a les paul. SO i got an epi standard. Relised i didnt like it as much as the strat. Then out of the blue i bought an epi goth les paul because of a sweet deal i got at a pawn shop. I like it better than the LP but no where near the strat. I decided i wanted something with a floyd so id like one of the old Pgms.

So currently. I desire to get a new trem and texas specials for my strat and a blues deluxe
*lust list*
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once my playing deserved a good axe, I got a Gibson 335 and a 175. beautiful instruments.

then I went acoustic, for a very long time.

once I got into plugging-in again, I discovered Strats. love my Strats. thinking of getting a Jazzmaster.
I like strat body shapes shapes, but I hate pickguards. They make a guitar look cheap, IMO. I also only use the bridge pickup, and I hate single coils. I can't afford a San Dimas though.... Maybe someday
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i have always loved SGs. easily my favorite guitar. but man what I wouldn't do for a jaguar and a good ES-137.
When I started playing I was an Ibanez fanboy. Then I went through a 100% Les Paul phase (but due to my bad experiences with over 5 Epis in less than a year I got over it pretty quickly :P). Then I got into Strats. Now I pretty much love classic shapes (Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, ES-335s...) and have found that PRS and Suhr make the perfect guitars for me, and I don't think I'll ever change my mind again .
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I went through about 8 phases before I got my '72 Tele. LP, Strat, obscure, Gretsch, Acoustic, Semi-Hollow, PRS, and Telecaster, before I decided on a '72 reissue.

I'm also in an eternal Gibson Firebird V phase. I will not be satisfied until I own one of these.
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spent many years doing the metal shred type thing so of course had to have a guitar with a super fast neck, humbuckers and a floyd rose. this year i've had a total overhaul fo guitars and equipment because i finally figured out that no matter how much i practice i'll never be steve vai or joe satriani etc. discovered that i actually like a standard trem better and that single coil pickups were actually pretty cool. sadly my Hamer Diablo doesn't get played very much anymore.
I think I will be in my Gretsch phase for the rest of my life. I have 2 Electromatics (5129 and ProJet). My next goal is to aquire a DuoJet and then ultimately a White Falcoln. I will still keep my Cort superstrat style for all of my shredder fantasies.
I'm stuck in my metal phase since I was 13 and I hope I never leave it. 24 frets, EMG pups, OFRs and mahogany bodies is all I need.
well, I guess my "phase" has been stuck in Les Paul mode for 20+ yrs. It suits all my playing needs.
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