what is the best way to mix distorted guitar in protools?

i want it to sound clear and powerful. i recorded with a line in from my marshall mg1000hdfx head with a gibson sg.

what are the best settings for equalization, compression, etc.?

and what should i do to it. please be descriptive. and ONLY reply if you know what you are talking about

i want the guitar to sound these bands (just to give you an idea):
a day to remember
circa survive
blink 182
set your goals (newest album)
wrong section. mods will probably move it recordings and riffs but its such a basic broad question, you'll be referred to the help threads and the search bar. and people will probably tell you to start by getting rid of the MG head

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a cheaper alternative to getting a new head would be getting a mic. I have never been satisfied with line in recording, id suggest an sm57 as it is basically the standard for recording electric guitars.

Also, if you are trying to eq or compress your recording, sometimes they have preset eqs and comps for you to tweak to your liking. I use Sonar and I know that is the case with that program.

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there are no best settings, it's pretty much trial and error. as mentioned above though, line-in straight from the head isn't the best - i would also advise trying to get as close as possible to the tone you're after with the amp before you begin post-processing.
There isn't a best way, you need to figure it out yourself using the software available. Everyone who mixes anything will go about it a different way, have different preferences and different ideas of the 'perfect' sound, so really your question is redundant.

My best advice is to make some copies of the file and filter/mix it in several different ways (Do you have a basic understanding of what you're doing?), until you find something that is closer to what you want. Then refine that. And refine that. If you over-refine, it'll sound bad too, but there's only one way to find out for sure - experience.
Record from the effects loop send instead and then use cabinet impulses. It'll end up sounding a LOT better.
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If you aren't happy with your tone, you MUST fix it at the source. Post EQ'ing destroys the tonal characteristics of your recording when used too dramatically and Slo Tools def. isn't a means to cure all... Therefore, look at your amp first. As everyone else will suggest, going Line In isn't the best way to go...especially on a cheaper amp. This is probably where a good part of your problem lies. Mic that baby up and see the difference, even a cheap microphone can yield results decent enough to work with, the tone part is up to you....it's all trial and error. Make sure you've got good speakers to listen to as well...or at the least a nicer set of headphones.