I was looking at a web site a week ago, which was brilliant. Problem is, i ditched my history and havent been able to find it again.

THe good thing was that it was like a centralised usa site, which was linked to a whole stack of music shops in the us.

When searching, you could look at say second hand fenders between 750 and 1k, and it would search a whole stack of other shops

They had a whole stack of second hand guitars, as well as drums, brass, etc.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what site i may have been on?

All help much appreciated from this noob!

I found another one called musicgoround.com, which was similar, but this was much much smaller than the big one i was looking at previously!
Was it Daddy's Junky Music?

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You like the phrase 'A whole stack of', don't you.

And that'll teach you to clear your history/not make bookmarks.
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