Maybe nobody cares, maybe no one wants to care
it sure does seem like that, and my life i cant bare
and the mic is blaring, screaming at me, screaming death
tempted, blood on the knife, i just laugh

am i psycho? i ask that everyday
its sad, my life, my purpose, tragedy
trivial it seems and it is but to me its the world
thats falling down, thats on my shoulders, that believes in Lord

i am psycho, schzophrenia is a bitch
i just need to find my niche
it'll all be good in time is what they say
but no matter what i do, i cant keep my demons at bay

do you feel majestic? do you feel lucky?
your punk ass better be, be ready to hear about my sucky
life, i don't wana bore you, so please get rid of me!
i love you, why cant you see?

[I, wana be with you
I, cant be with you
and it kills me, i hate your mom
for putting me through hell, she really dropped the bomb]

i walk down the road, to where it all began
i cant stop thinking about you, i love you Johann(a)
age aint nothing but a number in love
it shouldnt mean anything, but push came to shove

i hate your mom, i cant stress that enough
im determined to call her bluff
life is short and you're leaving soon
lets not waste time, lets not be blue


i cant stop thinking about you, i love you Johanna
Firstly, I really like it. Its very powerful and lots of good images in there. I like how it starts but i'm not sure about the "I hate your mom" bits, they seem like they don't fit.

In the chorus perhaps "I, wanna be with you//I, can't be with you//And it kills me, what your mom did//Putting me through this hell, she really dropped the bomb"

After that it seems more fitting in the final verse as we've had a better introduction to her mom.
No problems, happy to help
Blinded by the exertions of man
I stumble through the haze of modern malfunctions

Dropping myself into darkness
your a phsyco, hell yeah, ****ing phsycoticly awesome!!
Sorry if Ive offended some kind of Punk God I should brush up on my Commandments of Punk maybe copy down the Punk Bible a few thousand times so I don't forget again sorry for my error O Punk Master Of All Things That Are Punk .