hey guys,

So i was recording stuff from my amp to my comp with a cable, and when i was done i unplugged it. all of a sudden, i heard a weird *boom* sound, and it sounded like something was burning behind the amp. I turned it off and on a few times, and the sound was still there (while it was on). I unplugged it and plugged it back in, and it was still there. I turned my gtr and amp volume down to 0, unplugged my gtr, and tried unplugging everything from the back, and it was still there. Then, i tried plugging in my earphones, and only one side worked (dependng on how far in i pushed the plug - if it was all the way in, only the right side worked.

So then i tried plugging it in to my comp to see if the sound would show up there too, but when i recorded, i just got static. Its not the guitar fuzz kind of static. its much more erratic. Theres a recording on my profile called "Weird amp sound".

Any idea whats wrong? it sounds almost like i blew out a speaker, but i had it at an extremely low volume (channel level at 3, master at about 1.5)
Im using a behringer v-tone gmx210

EDIT: i just tried playing a panning tone from my comp through my amp, and it sounded fine on both the left and right sides
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blown speaker maybe?

not sure. pics might help. but im damn sure hearing a burning sound aint gonna be good for your amp.

what type of amp btw?
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That ''boom'' sound blew up your speaker...probably.
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Dude, same thing happened to me, in my case was the i dont know how to write it in english but in spanish is Transformador, guess transformator got burned and then with the time it stop playing and it didnt sound at all.

i changed the piece it was like 50 bucks only so...