This is quite a recent one that i had forgotten about, which is a shame as i really like it. Some suggestions for a title would be nice too

As the sun sets
And the day ends
Life comes to a stop
And all becomes quiet

This was before we grew
Before we tortured the planet
Before everything was ours
Before we killed our own lives

Many years ago
Life was fruitful
Full of fun and pleasure
But yet a constant fight

Now life is dull
We can do what we want
Go where we like
There is no sense of adventure

Soon we will grow too big
Cities will fall
The ground will shake
Life will end for the civilised

Fuel will run out
The human race will crumble
Collapse in on itself
And our numbers will drop

Natural selection will take over
Only the strongest will survive
Bring up our children
And hunt together

Lifes luxuries will be gone
No more sex for pleasure
No more pacifism
Life becomes tough again.
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These lyrics are AWESOME They are well structured, consistent and it gives a good insight on the Human Race and how we take things for granted you portrayed it nicely

Names for the song will be a little hard but you could try; The Human Empire, Worlds Wasted or Granted For Nothing
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