I like my Zoom G7.1ut, but I know a lot of people don't like Zoom.
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There are better options than those 2
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Now let's move on to other multi-effect processors....

I really got to know.. since I plan on getting an equipment change after a few more years.. XD

MOAR help plz..
Ok here's a few options:

Vox tonelab
Line 6 pod variations
Boss Gt-(insert number here) variations
T.C.Electronic G-system or Nova system
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
Yeah, give a budget, or else we can throw pretty expensive stuff at ur face..
"Steven Seagal is like godzilla for barbies" -> Retard
The Digitech Multi FX are too complicated to operate while playing.
I prefer the Boss MultiFX... BOSS GT series is too expensive, but don't buy the ME-20... it's cheap but too simple.
Anything starting with the BOSS ME-70 is a great choice... it costs around 250€.
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I've owned a Digitech, RP50(?) GNX2, a Boss GT-8 & currently have a Digitech GNX3000.

I've posted this several times: "I like Digitech myself. I've owned a GNX3, GNX3000 & a GT-8. The GT-8 had create effects but the tone was too digital and the pitch shifter was crap. Digitech's amp modeling is great the effects are ok and the Whammy is awesome.

Given that I didn't like the GT-8 recordings sounded like crap."

The Digitech works great on stage as well.
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Yeah, give a budget, or else we can throw pretty expensive stuff at ur face..

The price is no issue.. I could always earn it through work.. and getting equipment change is not anytime soon.. I prefer to get something good later and be fully satisfied with it than to continuously change equipment that COULD drain more cash from me.. haha.. at least that's how I think..
I have a Korg AX3000G which is comparable to the Vox Tonelab series
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I like Line 6s multi-effects most personally. Id go for an M13 if youre happy with your current amp, or a POD X3 if you want amp modeling.
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