Hey there guys, I am looking for a couple individuals to write album/product reviews for a site that I am trying to get into action.

I need two people who have great grammatical skills and ultimately love music. (Different rock genres.) You have to have a very critical yet creative personality. (In your writing at least.) You must also have enough spare time on your hands to listen to an album (that will be bought and gifted to you in return for the review), as well as do a little research on the band to be able to compare the album to earlier works.

It will work like this:
I will buy you two albums every two weeks. (Occasionally they will be older albums that I want reviews on. But chances are they will usually be new releases.) You will have to complete a review on one album within one week and a review on the second album in the next week. Upon completion of both albums, you will be supplied with two more.

This doesn't pay. (It is a possibility with time, though.) You will be given an email address at the site and you will get to keep all the albums that you review.

Please email me if you are interested!

Musical experience is preferred. I find that musicians (such as myself) have more broad views and understanding of music.

Thank you!
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