I am trying to learn how to play 45 by shinedown and theres this one little part that i cant seem to nail because of the pull off technique and i was just wondering if anyone had any good tips or maybe some scales i could practice to get better at pull offs?
lol. your best bet is to just play with your gain for a little while. thunderstruck is a good way to practice pulloffs, and so is moby dick. if you can learn legatos, you can learn anything.
Yeah, don't worry about the chords. Just set up you two fingers: one on the note you're playing first and the other on the note you're pulling off to. Just practice this. It's not that you suck, you just haven't built the strength so you have to use individual notes to start improving. And yes, slow practice. You want to hear your mistakes.
thanks so much for the Thunderstruck reccomendation. that is helping so much! plus it sounds great i didnt know ac/dc sounded like this.