I wanted to do a song with the infamous dotted 8th note delay setting, if you know what I mean
some Sustainer stuff is in there too... it's one of my more experimental songs

never mind the faces that I make, those where the result of me trying to not look bored


I also tried out some "advanced" video editing, you'll see
That was cool! My favorite was the change in the "dream sequence" right after the 2:00 point.

And then I thought the disillusioned "wake up" point was great. For something so simple as arpeggiated chords, it was pretty moving.

Sorry, but I just COULD NOT ignore the facial expressions - I was honestly cracking up! In fact, I am still laughing now that the video is over and I'm typing!

But it made me happy because I often laugh in my dreams on a subway!

Very cool stuff!

Feel free to give a crit on my latest...
really good playing...that sounds awesome. the video was kinda retarded though...but that doesn't really matter. sick tune.