I got these two guitars yesterday they play lovely the first one is an Ibanez 12-String Concord and the second is a Crafter. I got the Ibanez for £8.00 at a car boot and the crafter for £250.00. Whadd'ya think? They last are all my guitars in there wall ahnger glory. I dont have the Ibanez beacause my parents arnt letting me have it till X-Mas
They wont see much of me on christmas day ill be shreddin on my new Guitar!!! Sorry for the roatted pics just turn your head a little!

HNGD! Although I'm not a big Ibanez fan, I'm a massive 12-string fan. And 8 GBP for the 12-string? You lucky man.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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