I recently got a squier bullet strat....it has this annoying lill problem...the e string (the thinnest one) buzzes in the open position but not on any other fret(thr is no buzz on any of the open strings or frets throughout the fretboard). CAn anyone tell me how to fix this...there are no guitar technicians where i live,so i gotta do this myself.

Also the other day, my brother was playing and he made like a full step bend and the e string snapped...that kinda worried me...could the 2 problems be related or did the string simply snap cuz of too much tension(it gets very cold where i live...so it is possible that could have increased the tension on string).

Most of the forums i came across say that an open string buzz is usually a nut prob..

any help would be greatly appreciated!
try slipping a bit if paper under the string in the cut of the nut. see if that helps.
very small bit. see if it lifts the string enough to stop the buzz.

the strings might break if there's a sharp point where the string touches the saddle.
so check that too.

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Most likely a low nut slot. Depress the high E string btw the 2nd and 3rd fret with your finger closer to the 2nd. The string now forms a straight line between the front of the nut and top of the 2nd fret. Now look for a tiny gap between the top of the 1st fret and the bottom of the string. If there is no gap then the nut is cut too low. FYI, a general rule of thumb is that the gap should be roughly half the diameter of the string.

If the slot is too low you can fix by filling the slot with graphite dust (scape a pencil lead with a razor) and then add a drop of super glue. You can then recut the slot. A $4 razor saw from any hobby shop will work well for a high E slot.

If you have a gap then I would check the neck relief. Using a capo or your left hand fret the guitar at the first fret. Using your other hand fret it at he last fret.....string now forms a straight line btw the 1st and 2nd to last fret. You should have a small (thickness of a playing card) gap btw the string and the tops of the 7th/8th frets. If you have no gap then you need to loosen the truss. Do so in 1/8 turn increments waiting 5 minutes or so btw adjustments until you have the proper relief.