Hey guys I have for you today a pair of emg 81 active pickups. I also have the battery with cable that attaches to the input jack. I DO NOT have the pots and input jack for it so you need to know what you're doing or take it to your favorite guitar shop to have them put them in. They are a great set of pickups but I swapped them out for my brother and now i'm selling them. I want to sell these for $140 (including shipping) considering I am missing the pots and input jack, but these pickups work perfectly.Pics below

Once again, 2 emg pickups w/ battery, no pots or input jack CHEAP

$140 (includes shipping)


Let me know

PS, only shipping to the US

well just a suggestion....lower your price. i've bought 81/85 sets complete w/ all pots and wiring for $100-110 shipped.