Hey guys just wondered if the Ibanez s620EXFB comes with a superswitch pre installed? I would presume so due to the fact it already has a 5 way selector that does parallel and coil taps on position 2 and 4.

Linkage http://ibanez.com/ElectricGuitars/model-S620EXFB

Getting all the work done by a professional luthier and having a setup and fret dress done on it too. Intend to use this as my main gigging guitar, going to put CTS pots in it, a 0.22uf Vit q oil and paper capacitor in it and of course Bareknuckle Warpigs and i want these to work parallel in positions 2 and 4 so i have...

1 - Bridge Series
2 - Bridge Parallel
3 - Bridge and Neck Series
4 - Neck Parallel
5 - Neck Series

Should be a monster to compliment my S520EX when its all done!
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