I have a Ibanez grg270b and I am trying to fit iron gear pickups the original wiring diagram can be seen at this site but the wiring diagram for the irongear pickups is here my question is how can I wire 2 humbuckers into the humbucker slots in the grg270b but still keep the original single pickup in place?

I do not mind if the pickups coil split or not if this helps in any way?

Thanks in advance
the wire labelled 'red' in the diagram is still red on your pickups.

green and white get soldered together on your pickups, then solder them both where 'white' is in the diagram

black on your pickup gets grounded, like the bare wire in the diagram. your pickup might have a bare wire, as well. if there is one, it shoudl get grounded, too

in diagram               on your pickup

red                      red
white                    white and green together
bare                     black and bare (if applicable)
This doesn't work I have tried this way, I joined the red to where the red came off and the white and green to where the white came off, but this just causes the pickups to sound like singles and seemingly have no power going to them but the single seemed to have too much power going to it?

any information I've found tell me that should work.. that on powersounds, red= hot, white= series link, and bare=ground..

what do the different positions of your switch do when it's working properly?
..I was going to suggest swapping the red and white wires anyway..because that should work if you're getting single coil sounds.

I just loked at the Ibanez website again to help someone with a diagram, and for the particular one I was looking at, it suggested white is hot, and red is the series link.

..seems strange to me, that red isn't hot, but I've actually got an old set of pickups lying around with the same colour code, so I guess it's fairly common...

..so basically.. if you havent tried reversing red and white yet, do that.