okay so theres this big music shop in my city called Allans. The guys there are really cool, and the shop is big and filled with guitars. I was just wondering how old i'd have to be before they'd think about hiring me. Like part time i mean. This is ge uine question can i have an actual answer please. Thank you pit.
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They would probably prefer 18+, or maybe 16+ if you know what you're talking about.

There may be insurance technicalities about it though. Just ask them.
Trustworthy people.


Minimum wage/employment age.
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Trustworthy people.


Minimum wage/employment age.


I don't think your technical knowledge is a huge factor...most of the morons that work at my local shops probably can't tie their own shoes
The guys at Allens dont know a strat from a saxophone, but im pretty sure you have to be 18. And slightly evil, you have to be able to sell stuff at what you know is a hugely marked up price.

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I've asked before and Allans only really hires 18+, and then only full time.

They advertise on SEEK, so you might be able to find out more there. You'll have to go to a smaller shop if you want a job.
If you're a regular, they'll make an exception, if you're just some kid that comes in occasionally, they probably won't. I've worked at my local music shop part time since 15, but i came in everyday and just hung out for like 2 years.
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They'll care less about your age (provided it's over the legal level in your country) and more about previous experience.