I have my Line 6 FM4 under the tree, with the EX1 and an EHX Small Clone on the way and an EHX Knockout on standby, next pedal on my list I need is a phaser.

After a fair bit of searching, I've found the TC Electronics Classic Phaser XII that I really like, it was like $200USD. Anyone have any experience with these? I also liked the Moogerfooger phaser but it's 300 and an overwhelming amount of knobs on it, lol

Didn't like the Phase 90, the Phase 100 was okay... any other suggestions?
Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser. Sounds like Jesus. Kind of expensive though.


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Wtr - Thanks, I'll check those out =]
wizards - I did, it was ok, but not a lot of customisation there, wasn't a huge fan.
lkngro - I found that one and loved it, but the price tag made me love it a lot less =[
^ Watched a demo on youtube for that one, sounds amazing, but again probably a bit too expensive =[