Hi everyone!!!
As mentioned before, I wan't to have the possibility to plug my guitar at my pc and have more or less the sound of a real amp.
I also wan't to record my music and eventually add other stuff like percussions,keyboard etc. ...
I know that you need some virtual amps like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, ... and that you also need a sequencer like Acid Pro or something like that.
I'll probably also need a soun card.
So here comes the question:
What do you recommend me guys? Gimme some typs plz
I would really appreciate it!!!
Eleven Rack, everything you need in one box, getting mine after xmas, it's going to be awesome!

Edit: also, yes you'll need a sound card
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By the way that Eleven Rack looks awesome but the price is a bit too much ^^"
Thanks anyway
Kish, have you looked at Line 6's Pod Farm Platinum? When it comes to amp sims, I haven't seen one that comes with more out of the box. 78 guitar amps, 97 guitar effects & the dual tone feature like on the Pod x3s. Its like having a Pod X3 in your computer essentially.

I use it a ton to help record in the townhouse I live at (Cant really crank a Fender Twin at 3am without getting yelled at :p). I've tried Guitar Rig, Eleven & Amplitube and Pod Farm blows all those away.
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Yes I heard a lot of those Line's but I read a lot of negative and positive stuff about. And did you use something else with that Line for recording?