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marshall avt50
0 0%
marshall valvestate(used) 8040
1 9%
peavey valveking 112
10 91%
Voters: 11.
which one would you choose between the marshall avt50, marshall valvestate 8040 or peavey valveking 112??
consider i play blues, rock, metal, hard rock, anything that is good rock and roll; versatility in other words.
mycurrent gear is jackson dk2 with duncan designed, boss me-70 and a marshall mg15dfx.
obviously i need a new amp, i dont play in a band but im shurely going to.
note: my sound for shredding is a very defined one, like evh's, but in my own way. i play iron maiden, metallica, acdc, etc. blues, hendrix.
i know the peavey is good for metal but dont know about blues or cleans
good cleans please!!
Used VK112 then do the mods
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Jet City JCA20H and matching cabinet with a cheap, decent boost pedal for Maiden and Metallica.
Valveking with mods would by far be the best option out of those.
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The peavey is more of a blues and rock amp, it can do metal, and after the mods it's a pretty decent amp.

The marshalls arent really worth it at all.

Whats your budget, there's probably a lot more you could get.
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