anyone else have trouble with this particular chord because I can't play it for crap. any help is appreciated.
Practice. Lots of practice. Personally I have problems with B, but F was a pain when I was first learning it.
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Quote by ext1jdh
Practice. Lots of practice. Personally I have problems with B, but F was a pain when I was first learning it.

This. I also have more trouble with the B chord (usually i just play it with barring the 4th fret and not playing the high e string at all)
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B is fairly easy for me but the F egad! i cant seem to bar the first two notes right or something.
One thing to realize is that it's NOT an issue of strength - any adult with normal hands has enough hand strength to pull it off. Pushing harder will not help. It's a matter of finger positioning and finesse.

I find it easier to teach people that bar form on the 5th or 7th fret (giving you and A or B chord) and then move it down. It's a little easier up there for some reason.
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just dont bar the high e, its still an F. eventually your fingers will be nimble enough to do it no problem. and ya, B is a pain in the ass, still screw it up all the time
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it'll come to you, just practice the barre chords on other frets, I tried it one day and I had it
Most people have this problem in the beginning. It's like the F chord was invented to haze new guitar players. Just keep at it and you'll get it. As noted above, the problem likely isn't hand strength, but how you position your hand. It helps if position your fingers right behind the frets.
For me I just shift my hand up a little so that the part where my index finger connects with my hand is just below the high e string, and I just bar it and play the f like that. I find that it's the best way for me, so you can try it out.
Quote by ChadHydro
I use to sit around holding my guitar making the F chord shape to develop the strength in my hand. It's like lifting weights ya know? Takes time to build the muscles.

This is good.

Also try to play the F chord and hold it for as long as you can, stop when your hand gets tense, shake it out and do it again. Rinse and repeat.

This is a tough chord to get in the beginning, but after a couple of weeks you'll wonder why it was so hard to begin with.
Try open F.
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You should try playing Creep by Radiohead, great song, but it's mostly bar chords, which will help you massively when you're trying to bar that F chord.

Also, as somebody has said, you can just bar the top two strings with your first finger, then put the usual E shape on...
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You should realize that when you're learning "B" and "F", You're actually learning to play any Major chord on the guitar since they're moveable. I beleive what you're referring to is called "E system" and "A system" barre chords.
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I learned the shapes , for major and minor barre chords, learned the positioning. Just cycled through them with a metronome, set nice and slow just focusing on the sound of it. I mean really slow, probably whole notes at 70 / 60 bpm give or take.

Thing that helped was knowing the notes, was more interesting to cycle through them in some kind of fashion to see what they sound like together.
I am getting to where I can bar the first two notes pretty easily, still don't quite have it but it is sounding way way better then it did before. also it seems like alot of songs i wanna play have the F implented so thats always a plus. thanks for all the great help guys.