Hey guys,
I'm having problems with this DigiTech Multi Chorus Pedal. When I'm playing, all of the sudden it just stops working. Either the light stays on or off, and it just doesn't do anything. I cannot change between the effect and no effect. I have found that if I stop using it for a little while and then use it again, it works alright for a while. Then it stops working correctly again. It has a pretty much new battery. The button still works fine. I'm not sure what the problem is. I really need this pedal to work for a show we have in less than a week!
Anyone have any ideas?
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Things to try:

1. open the pedal and check the wiring is all still connected
2. put in a fresh battery
3. use a wall wart (power brick thingy)
4. BUY A BETTER PEDAL (i have never had a good experience with digitech)