Allright so ive been usuing UG for awhile. its definetly the best website for tabs/chords whatever. I find the advertisements very annoying when every single time i open a new page the advertisment pops out and you have to click X to exit it. Is there any way around it. You know it didnt bug me much until now and im actually posting something about it.
Pop up blocker? I don't get any advertisements.
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firefox + adblock plus = THIS SITE HAS ADS!?!?!?
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1. Get firefox.
2. AdBlock Plus.

Whenever I use a computer without it I get all confused... The Internet is sooo much better/different without ads.
...In my opinion.
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firefox + adblock plus = THIS SITE HAS ADS!?!?!?

I was thinking the same thing!

I never get ads on UG!
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Quote by xxunder-takerxx
firefox + adblock plus = THIS SITE HAS ADS!?!?!?

I'm going to have to say this.

Makes the internet such a friendlier place.
I dont get advertisement in Safari, nor in Firefox.
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firefox + adblock plus = THIS SITE HAS ADS!?!?!?

This. So many times over.
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all i got is a big black box where ads use to be before i used firefox
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