I wanna leave my little amp and go hard rock with a good nice amp, 15 watts will be ok,
and i dont know whats best ,

Peavy Vypyr (110 dollars) :

* 75 watts (rms), 12" custom voiced modeling speaker
* Four channels, 24 Amp channel models
* 11 Editable pre-amplifier "Stompbox" effects
* 11 Editable "Rack" effects, 12 On-board programmable presets
* Up to 400 presets with optional Sanpera(TM) II footswitch


Line 6 spider IV( 89 dollars) :

* 15 watts; 1x8" custom speaker; three-quarter closed-back cabinet adds a tight, snappy response
* 4 dialed in amp models: Create and save 4 complete amp settings with amp model, EQ, gain and effect settings, and recall them with the push of a button
* 6 Smart FX based on celebrated stompbox and studio effects; tangy Chorus/Flange, swirly Phaser, expressive Tremolo, beautiful Tape and Sweep Echoes, and syrupy Reverb; 2 FX at once
* Bass, Mid, Treble, Drive, Channel volume; Master volume; FBV foot controllers can add everything from wah-wah and volume control to tap tempo, a chromatic tuner display and simple channel switching
* Built-in tuner; 1/4-inch input; 1/4-inch headphone/direct output; 1/8-inch CD/MP3 input; FBV foot controller jack

Line 6 spider have guitar effects

What can i do ?
vypyr. poll please
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you're in the wrong forum, but I'll try to help you out..

you've written at the bottom that the spider as built in effects.
you know the vyper does, too, right?

I've played a spider III, but never a spider IV or a vyper. from what I've heard, the vyper is a better amp.

even with that said, I think saving a bit more money is something you should consider..

even if the vypers pretty good, saving up for a good tube amp and a few nice pedals will probably give you a tone you're happy with for a longer time..
so like.. dont just buy a modelling amp because it's got lots of effects.. get a good amp that'll get you the basic tone and power you want, and compliment it with pedals later.

just my 2 cents..

head over to guitar gear and accessories for people over there to give you an opinion
Dude im always on the wrong forum, so you saying that line 6 spider isnt the best amp i can get ?

Consider that im trying to learn to play hard solos and little more metal.
a spider is definitely not the best amp you can get..

in your price range, which seems to be around $100, the vyper or spider might be your best bet, though..
you can get a little tube combo for a bit more than that, but.. I dunno how much more youd want to spend..

if you're set on the spider of vyper, then go to a store and try them both out. see what you like
but playing metal doesnt necessarily mean you need a modelling amp..
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Dude im always on the wrong forum
Work on that, please?

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i hav the 75w spider 3.... its OK but it is not as great as i would hav hoped... im hoping to get a nice mesa amp... idk wat yet.. but its gunna happen as soon as im not poor!!!! so if i had to chose bettween those 2 i would say vyper all the way
I haven't posted on these forums for a while but i thought i'd share my knowledge.

As a rule of thumb in the past, if you can buy something other than a spider or a Marshall MG then do, however both amps have improved in their latest models. As an Analogue all tube man i like a nice organic tone, however i've been searching for a small, versatile amp which has lead me to try both modern renditions of the often flammed amps.

Whilst the MG hasn't improved too much, the Line 6 has. The spider IV 15 watt variant in my opinion is one the best bedroom amps on a budget. I found that it was intuitive to use meaning you can easily re-create many tones. The amp's in-built effects are good and i genuinely found with a little bit of EQ'ing you could get a good tone. Obviously it's no tube amp, however it's no longer to be overlooked.

The Vypr is also an excellent bedroom amplifier and i've heard claims that it's gigable. As with the line 6 it's easy to use, although setting up the effects in my opinion can get complicated however, I love the sanpera floorboard, and with the USB connectivity a world of patches that, to a degree, re-create your favourite tones are available. The vypr's tone was far superior to the Spider III however i think they are now comparable in tone and both have merits in different areas.

The best advice i can give you is to try them. You may not need the 75w of the spider you've mentioned as Gigging with an SS amp starts to get messy, so for most bedroom situations you never need more than 15 or 30w(max).

Remember though Tone is Subjective. Buy what you feel sounds best.
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Quote by Madsalty
You may not need the 75w of the spider you've mentioned as Gigging with an SS amp starts to get messy

I think that was a typo, there (on TS's part)

I think hes looking at the 15w of both combos, based on the price he gave us

everything else you posted is great, though
I havent tried out the spider iv to know how it is, so.. good to know
Either a Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube 15X
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stay away from the spider. that'd be a bad choice.

either the peavey vyper of the roland cube, but since you seem to want all the built in effects, the Vyper would probably be better for you.
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Get the Vyper.
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