I'm planning to buy the VST amp sim program Peavey Revalver MK III. I saw the the online sales at 300$ with full gear and stuff.

My question is: Is it possible to just buy and download the software online at a lower price without any physical equipment to use, or are these plugin things required to make it work and I must pay 300$ to get it?

If so, how much is the software alone?

What gear are you talking about? AFAIK Revalver doesn't have a controller itself. $249 for Revalver at musiciansfriend.com for the software only. Others like Guitar Rig or Amplitude have a controller option, but I've never seen one for Revalver. I've tried demos of all of them as well as lots of the free ones and I've been playing with amp sims for the last 6 months trying to find something good and I like Revalver myself for the best tones. T
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shit. didn't expect it to be so expensive. well i see like these little things in the package whatever they are.