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sorry for the hijack, but my "mystic white" heartfield is now a gross yellow, any way of restoring it to white, or is too late?

next time you change your strings...

try using a medium/heavy automotive polishing compound, apply a decent amount, but not too much as to make it a sloppy mess, let it dry to a haze and than buff that bitch! it should help
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i'd say repaint it with that Spray on Bed lining they put in the back of Trucks .... that way nothing will ever harm it .... Rihno all the way man
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I need help too.My Ibanez GIO is turning yellow after not even 3 months of using it.When im not using it,i kept it in the bag.But it still turns yellow.I need some help restoring it back to pure white please.Thank you.
It must be in the clear coat of the guitar, otherwise Polyurethane guitars wouldn't keep their white color that long.

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It may sound very weird with dog urine, but what he said actually helps on yellowed plastic. Read the articles linked on this page, there it says that the most probable factor to having plastic turn yellow and brown is that the Bromine separates from the plastic structure. I don't know, but maybe there's a slight amount of Bromine in a Nitro finish, so that's why it simply will turn yellow after some time. Polyurethane doesn't have that, as it seems.

I don't know if those thechniques applied on plastic will work on nitro too, but if you have an old guitar that you're anyways wanting to repaint, it might be worth a try and post the results.
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hey people,so yeah basically how do i prevent my white guitar from turning yellow so soon? i polish it with dunlop 65 guitar polish. is that good enough?
It'll be difficult to prevent it; however, you can slow it down a bit or minimize it. Store it in the case when not in use.


You do realize the 'yellowing' (the guitars patina *L*) is highly desirable.

People actually attack their guitars with blow torches and soak parts in coffee to yellow them by intent..

Go with it.. let her yellow..
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