I need some advice for choosing the right pickup for my guitar.

My guitar is a Tokai Custom Edition 1987

maple neck + fretboard, basswood body, single humbucker, floyd rose bridge

I want a good treble attack sound from the guitar something like Van Halen's classic tone or something that really bites and is sharp yet a full rich sound.

I tend to play alot of classic metal and stuff like dokken, iron maiden, van halen and stuff like anthrax, exodus, testament etc etc ...

so i need a pickup that has great attack and is high output, and it should be able to play real crunchy defined metal aswell as good sharp tones.

these are the pickups I had in mind, if any info through experiance on them can be shared that would be great:

- Dimarzio SuperDistortion
- Dimarzio D-activator
- Dimarzio X2N
- Seymour Duncan JB Sh-4
- Seymour Duncan Dimebucker sh-13

I really want to stay away from active pickups like the EMG 81 or the Blackouts.

Any help would be great.
Might want to add a Tone Zone to that list
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What the previous poster said....the JB is pretty good for a lot and it's not a one trick pony either. Very well rounded and would have the output you want.
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Try the sh-6 distortion
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