Ok so i bought a voxad120vt last summer and have really liked it and all but now i dont find it to be as good as an investment as i thought. it has a ton of effects but for straight sounds it doesnt do as good as i would think compared to my 15w crate practice amp. I think the problem is my guitar. I have a squier strat with stock pickups. My reasoning is that if i had a better guitar than the vox would really outshine my crate. Obviously the vox sounds better right now, and i know that a new guitar would definately enhance my tone. The question is.. is the vox not all its cracked up to be? is the guitar im using just the problem? or is it some other factor? thanks for your comments
A new amp would definitely impact your tone more.

Squiers really aren't that bad, and can be made decent, unless you feel it's really bad or uncomfortable to play or something, than i would suggest a new amp.
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I reccommend an EQ pedal to run i the FX loop. Really opens these amps up. Make sure to get the correct leads and such too because if I remember correctly, the AD120VT has a stereo effects loop.
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