So Im getting a new/used amp tommorow. Its a Carvin 4x10 cabinet, with an Acoustic 220 head. Im getting from a guy off of craigslist, are there any things that I should be aware of when I'm trying it out? And what would be some good public places where I could ask the guy to meet me at to try it out? I feel like im getting a pretty solid deal on it at 175$ for the stack.
Well, just make sure the set up doesn't rattle, everything is tight and where it should be. I don't know of any public places to try it out at, so my suggestion is, take a buddy [or 5] to his house to try it out... and take your time, don't just play for 5 minutes and say, okay good. Play it for 15 or 20 minutes, mess with knobs, volume, styles, everything. I personally always take my friends to craigslist meetings. There is 4 of us and 1 of them lol.
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It just seems shady to me for some reason. Im sure hes probably a good guy, but you can never be to careful these days with stuff like that.
Itll be a fricking steal if it works alright.
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So I got the amp yesterday. The cabinet is actually a Carvin Redline. Other then the amp missing a power switch, which when i opened it up, realized would be an easy, its all in nearly flawless shape other then the previous owner having painted starts on it. I think I got a damn good deal for the entire stack at 175. I'll post some pictures tommorow sometime.