Just a piece I've written for my band!

Quote by pentagram_man63
I played a G on the 3rd fret e string and ask:

"What note is this?"

"... Three"

nice! Your harmonies between the two guitars are very good.

My only problem was that there was really no break. It was all pretty much a constant beating, except for the bridge which was really exceptional. I really liked it. But even there, there's really no time to rest your fingers at all.

The different time signatures added a good flair.

Are the incomplete measures (the ones in red when unselected) incomplete on purpose? Just asking...
That was ****ing insane man, reminded me of a mix between the Dillinger Escape Plan and Btbam. The harmonized guitars added an awesome touch..
The breakdown in bar 32 was also good, I'd imagine that's where the clean vocals go..
The synth solo was nicely done, but I didn't really feel like it belonged there..
Bar 77 is amazing, clean parts fit amazingly, Mark's solo was really good
Ya, 8/10 just needs to be recorded.
Awesome work mate.