Sounds great
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I'm not licking any video below thank you very much. But seriously, good idea.
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Yeah, sounds like fun
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I would add to this if I had a camera/was more creative. Hopefully someone else adds something in the meantime.
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Freepower made a video while back, with a lot of good resources on youtube alone. One of which was Riff of the Week, with Dave Weiner( sp ? ) , he's got a buddy who does Lick of the Week.
Really good information , even panning back , they both break things down and really try to teach on the medium they are using. Learned a ton from it, might be handy if its not known already.
I think this is a great idea, I will add to this when i am a little more comfortable playing in front of a camera lol.
Not bad at all!

Might have to put a few things together for this thread.

If you put "Cool shred licks" into the searchbar there should be giant threads of licks still findable.