Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

I just got an elec. guitar, so I wanted to break it in with one of my favorite songs... but I can't. So I come here to ask you all: How in the HELL do you play Purple Rain?

I've tried about 4 different tunings, 6 different tabs, and nothing sounds right. Why is the correct info on this song so elusive?

I don't get it... people say "tune down a whole step," "song is played in Bb," "the Purple One does it like this"... but when I go to do it how they say the Purple One does it, I get nothing.

Please, someone, enlighten me. Any help is greatly appreciated.
"song is played in Bb" likely means the KEY in which it was written/played, and does not relate to the tuning of the guitar.

Tuning down a whole step is just that, tune the guitar down a step from E standard

I'm not familiar with the song so I can't help more, but hopefully that's cleared one or two things up good luck, have fun with your new guitar!