I need help people i've made the threads so that we can write some very good tutorials for the basics of these daws please pm me. and we'll get this thing rolling if you know whats up

i got the reaper one down

i need protools

and what not.

lets make this forum pull a huge 180
What about adobe audition?
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ok ill help

ill see if i can help with protools 8
maybe some setings for the plug ins

some diagrams on a DAW

connection uses pros and cons

and maybe abit of reason
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I can do a audition 3 and nuendo 3 one. We should work on a standard format, or things to cover. like chapter one for all the threads, starting a project, adding tracks, arming and assigning them to channels. chapter two, channel and send effects, etc. that way they're fairly consistent tutorials for any DAW.
Lefty Strat Copy w/ GFS Lil' killer rails + Crazy wiring
Lefty Kona Thinline Acoustic/Electric
Righty-to-Lefty Silvertone Bass
Righty-to-Lefty Memphis Short Scale Bass

Tascam US-428 USB Interface Mixer
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Screen shots people, they help. I'll sign up for the Cubase thread, pm me if anyone wants to include me.
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okay what we need to tackle in these threads are
i. installing
ii. installing vsts
1. getting to know the program (shortcuts etc etc)
2. tracking (metronome, monitoring, puncing in)
3. editing
5. exporting
6. midi (midi multi out too)

you guys ready to turn Ultimate-guitar recoridng forums from a joke to praise?

Reaper| cath (proably beefmo too)
Protools| cath hans the lefty (need more)
cubase/neundo| occub, GeToChKn
logic| chris
sonar| take it t
garageband? drawnacrol

i mean with all this stuff being said you guys might get ****ed with some hard questions

so lets do this

it would be great if we could each make a project for each daw in a zip folder full of midi, and the tracks so everyone can download it and figure what the **** is going on
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Wouldnt it have been better to maybe get some of this information before posting the threads? Now it just looks like cluttered reserves that are rather pointless and spamming up the forum.

Good idea though nothing against it.
I'll try and help when I can Ryan, but I'm a Reaper user and you kinda got it covered. Sorry it took so long to get around to your threads, was worken on a new song after that guitar lesson I gave. But if you need my help on anything just let me know, I'm getting pertty good at this recording thing.
Logic Pro 101: Part 1 - Opening a new project and adding tracks

Well, because I have some faith in humanity I'm going to assume that you've managed to install logic correctly! Its as simple as following the instructions on screen, until its all installed (this may take a while as there is A LOT of content included with Logic Pro Studio).

It's worth mentioning that I am running Logic Pro 9.0.2 on OS X 10.5.8.

Starting A Project:

Right, open up logic and start a new project, this is done by going to the tab at the top of the screen, hovering over the FILE tab and choosing new project from the drop down list:

Once the project has opened you will presented with a few options about what tracks you would like to start your project with:

                  Now click create and you should have an open project with just one audio track in, named Audio 1 by Default:

                  Adding more tracks:

                  Now then, your obviously going to need more tracks than that, so lets add some more:

                  Above where it says Audio 1 on the track header it says Global tracks and there are two Icons. Don't worry about Global Tracks for the moment we're concentrating on the two icons:

                  The First Icon (+): will bring up the same track pop up as originally came up when starting a new project and you can set up and add more tracks in exactly the same way, but not just yet.

                  The Second icon: Clicking this will create a duplicate track with exactly the same setup as the track currently selected. Click this in your project that we have going, it will duplicate the audio track that we added at the start.

                  You will now have two audio tracks in your project; Audio 1 and Audio 2.

                  Now we are going to setup a basic band situation, I will be using midi bass and drums, but if your using real bass just substitute my midi bass track for an audio one. For real drums, they will require multiple tracks to be set up, I will go into this later on.

                  For now add two software instrument tracks to your project (Drums and Bass). You should end up with a project that looks like this:

                  Save the project in a suitable place.

                  We will go onto, The basic layout of logic and preparing for recording next.

                  That okay??

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                  moving along nicely in here. good job getting the ball rolling Ryan.
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